Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Vlog 2

What's up everyone this is my  2nd posting 1 st video.  This video is about my trip to GameStop Expo. I just learn that Call of Duty Ghost  will be there to play so I will be giving my take on that . Enjoy the video and as always thank you or any and all support.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Intro to my Vlog

I'm a 30 year old gamer and I have 3 kids and a wife who I love. She might not love my hobby but she backs me because she know I have a passion for it. My gamertag (Cable) comes from my very first clan from Socom. The "2kx" part I add later, its the first initial of my kids.

I have been wanting to do something with gaming since my Let's Play channel died. Lol man that was horrible, I got maybe one subscriber and maybe 30 views at most. I think I did a total of 9 videos and gave up. I gave up cause other Youtubers already had the game completed by the time I posted my ninth video. I mean that's crazy and I shouldn't let that defeat. I still had a passion to do it and I really had bunch good ideas for shows.

I recently watched a video from a famous Youtuber Driftor. His video was how to start and grow a Youtube channel. He said something that stuck with me. "If you don't show you or convey the passion you have for what you are doing no one is going to watch or care" I look back on my video's I didn't see that passion coming across. I didn't care for the game I was doing a lets play on. I never said what the games was. It was Remember Me from Capcom. I didn't care for story nor was the gameplay exciting. I chose it cause I figured not many would be doing it. I think that was my down fall with the channel. I didn't care for the game and trying to get people to watch something you don't care for is not going to work.

I know it says Cable's Vlog but I figured I would do an intro post. Driftor post struck with me and it inspired me to do this. What you see from me is videos giving my take on what's going on in gaming. Reviews, un boxing of collectors editions and with dvr being in the next gen consoles maybe a lets play. I love collectors editions, I know some are a waste but I'm sucker for it. I already have watch dogs and assassin creed 4 collectors editions preorder and paid off. I also have a trip to GameStop Expo next week Aug 27. I will get my hands on the Xbox one and Ps4 before there official release.

Thank you for reading and keep tuned.